Unpacks The Power Of Redemption & Illuminates Other Biblical Truths
Michael Anthony Gagliardi
Christian Author / Speaker
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Christian Author & Speaker
Michael Anthony Gagliardi
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The most important thing that God has given us all is His divine gift of unconditional love. Without that love, everything that God has created would cease to exist. Everything hangs on that love, because God is love.

~Michael Anthony Gagliardi~
     My Name Is Michael Anthony Gagliardi. I have three children, Heather, Chelsea and Cody. I Also have a granddaughter, Shatavia and a grandson on the way. I really love, trust and believe in the Lord and His living words with all my heart, mind and soul.
     My mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through out the entire world through my Christian Book Writing Interviews and Speaking Engagements.

           Growing up in a Christian household, I had for many years glibly claimed that Jesus Christ died for our sins. After my personal encounters with God, I realized I had never really understood or appreciated all that such a glorious statement entails. His divine connections with God have breathed new life into his understanding of redemption and illuminated other biblical truths, which I shares in my new books.

      I connect with the widespread job losses, home foreclosures, and financial struggles characteristic of our times with maladies such as anxiety, depression, worry, sickness and even thoughts of suicide, affecting both Christians and non-Christians alike. But for Christians who truly understand the power of redemption, it doesn't have to be that way: "God's people do not need to be in a constant worry, fear or a panic state of mind because the precious blood of Jesus shed on the cross at Calvary offers victory over every situation we face here on earth, until we enter the Kingdom Of Heaven.

             "With Jesus Christ, complete victory is completely possible."

     When I see people walking around sad, worried, stressed out, depressed and just plain unhappy, I know they must not have a real personal relationship with Jesus, because if they truly did, they would know how to get into a rejoicing mood and to change their circumstance," says the author. "That relationship becomes real when we are finally willing to surrender completely to Him, renew our minds with constant meditation on His living words, and pray continually. It's never too late to get started.
Complete Victory Is Completely Possible In Christ Jesus
Author Of The New Book Series Called
"A Divine Connection With A Message From God"
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